Enchanted Forest

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Here are a few images from my Autumn Equinox series I shot last month with my husband and collaborative partner, Robby Kiwan.

Prints of the first image are available @ our etsy shop, Mirrors.



Unusual Optical Designs

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I apologize for the odd order of these shots- but I wanted to be sure to share my first commissioned shoot with you guys!

Ms. Fay Nowitz, the designer and owner of Unusual Optical Designs, reached out to me a few months ago via Instagram and asked me to shoot some of her summer line as she prepares for next season. I was so pleased as Fay is a lovely, honest and sensitive spirit. She makes each piece which love and attention and cares very much about the integrity of her work and the community she is involved in. She works with sterling silver casting, crystals, bones and leather, creating a very unique and metaphysical feel to each delicate piece. The woodwork pentagram, planchette and moon faced boards are also hand carved to perfection.

Hope you enjoy the photos and please do check out her shop- HERE.










Hello, lovely readers! It’s been a full month since my last post- I really have been on hiatus. That and I am so slow at having film developed since I do not have access to a darkroom (I really wish I was a student sometimes!)

Although I have titled this series “Magician” I would say it’s just as inspired by the element of fire as the first tarot card. The more I delve inside my inner psyche, the harder and harder I find it to be happy with my physical reality. Not necessarily life on this planet itself (the physics of the universe are nothing but inspirational and spiritual to me) but the actual act of living in society and being “civilized”. I feel like a whiney child even stating this, but working the 9-5 and cooperating with bureaucracy in order to fully be a functional person in society can be hard for a dreamer like myself. I’m lucky enough to have incredible people in my life that keep me grounded while pushing me to be myself throughout the struggle that is “normalcy”. So with that being said, I was so honored that my closest friend and emotional rock was in town to model this for me.

The magician card is the first of the tarot deck. The card symbolizing new beginnings, eternity and the bridge between the spirit and the living world. The idea that things can reshape themselves and be eternally connected, it all gives me a sense of stability in this crazy world. The fire element also plays into it for me. The idea of magick that can be conjured by any individual’s “inner spark” to start anew and make something out of what could be considered nothing.

This was also my first entirely analog shoot and I am so excited to push this further and begin working with film more often. Such a surreal look into life when it’s not in HD. Now it’s the way I see it- which is rarely what is actually there. Just a glimpse into my perspective of this world.


Restless Souls


Hello there, lovely readers. I write to you quite somber, these past few weeks have been emotionally exhausting. I’m a third decan  Aquarian, so this early half of 2014 has felt like “All work and no play makes Lucille a dull girl”. I’ve been wanting to crawl up the walls! So instead of going completely insane, I decided to put some images together to get my thoughts out. The self portraits are from a small series I worked on yesterday. The latter outdoor shots are from a hike I did a few weeks ago at Muir Woods with a dear childhood friend I’ve recently become reacquainted with. The last photo was shot by Wendy De La Torre, edited by yours truly.IMG_1706



photo 1

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I’ve also begun writing a bit of poetry- the following is a very rough draft of something I’ve been working on to get through these restless days.


wild flowers,

through pavement still,

needing freedom,

as I climb that hill.

I feel that pain,

it lingers still,

with the city’s sound,

that constant shrill.

Take me with you,

down that road,

leading nowhere,

but my soul’s home.

Cool streams,

fiery breeze,

I need that salty, sweet.

Waking dreams,

oceans meet,

land ends,

and I retreat.

Flying leaves,

silent streets,

toes tangled in cool

white sheets.

Crackled fire,

fur so sleek,

you pull me close,

to your heartbeat.

That flower,

proud and tall,

taunting my heart,

provoking my fall.

But we wil return

to the sacred land.

You and me,

hand in hand.

soon, my dear, soon.

To summerland.

Funeral Parade

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photo 3

photo 5

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Earlier this week my husband Robby and I set out to shoot our newest collaborative series of images entitled Funeral Parade. This year has been one of the most transformative of my life, not only learning to embrace my creative voice, but also learning to channel and accept the pains of the human existence. I wanted to explore these feelings of rejuvenation visually. As an “reformed catholic”, the imagery of water is particular to my vision of baptism, spiritual rebirth, etc. But unlike those beliefs, I’m drawn to the natural pagan ideas of death and life being one, and that with the end of a phase of my life comes a new one, where I can move on with greater enlightenment and awareness. It’s the hope that comes from new life and the power that it brings.


Spring Roadtrip: Shasta and Whiskytown

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Happy Sunday, lovely readers! I finally had my film developed from my mini road/camping trip last month to Shasta County. I went with some amazing friends including J’aime Lizotte with whom I’ve collaborated several times, her boyfriend Alden, and my husband, Robby. It was a quick weekend trip, but it was seriously the most relaxing few days I’ve had in years. The clean air, light drizzle and cold beer- it was one of those perfect moments in life!

We camped in Shasta then hiked the Whiskytown Waterfalls trail. Such a lovely hike. Only two miles running along a creek. At the end there was a huge waterfall twisting and cascading along the mountain side. Absolutely stunning. It felt amazing getting back into nature- can’t wait to do our next trip hopefully in the next few months.

Photos shot on 35mm with a Mini Diana camera by Lucille LK and J’aime Lizotte


Mirrors Spring Vintage Collection Lookbook




















The spring lookbook featuring all of our “new” vintage items has just been released! I did the styling and the photographs and my lovely model, Ms. Chanel Harper, was kind enough to be her own hair and makeup artist. We shot this at Lafayette Reservoir in the East Bay of San Francisco. It was a amazing day and I’m really happy with how everything turned out!

Check out the collection here!


Gatekeeper prints are here!


I am so happy to announce that both the As Above So Below and Protector series (as well as a few single shots) are now available for purchase from my etsy shop, Mirrors. Thanks for the continued support!!!





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On Yours Truly: Dress by Reformation, Pentagram Earrings from Pamela Love, glitter bag by Cheap Monday and Underground London vintage boots

On J’aime: Moon/Star Earrings and sweater from the H&M spring collection, dress by Cheap Monday, and Donna boots by Acne Studios

(In third photo down, J’aime is wearing a Reformation Dress)

A few weeks ago I was able to do another quick shoot with my good friend, J’aime Lizotte of 2triangls.com. She has a lovely studio inside her home in San Francisco, filled with minimalistic, grunge clothing from her label, Shape Shiftr, and the cute pitter-patter of puppy love.

Inspired by 90’s trash mags, lo-fi lighting and cut-out details, J’aime put together this lovely series.